5 Ways to Land the Perfect Job

Landing that perfect job does not have to just be a dream, but, it is not easy and takes time and effort. There are, however, steps that can be taken to increase your chances of achieving your goals.

Create a tailored CV

A CV should contain enough information about you to encourage the reader to want to know more about what you can bring to their organisation. In order to achieve this, your CV needs to be clear, concise and most importantly relevant; it should showcase your skills and experience that are relevant to the job, as well as providing evidence of your people skills, positive personality traits and willingness to develop new skills.  Before you send your CV off make sure that you have read it through carefully and checked for spelling and grammar mistakes.

Focus your job search

When searching for your perfect job you need to be precise in your use of keywords and ensure that they clearly reflect the sector and job skills that you want to search.  This will make your search more efficient and productive. Many job search site provide you with the opportunity to upload you CV, create job alerts and receive regular updates on available positions; these are great tools to help you make efficient use of your time, but, only if you have correctly focused your enquiry.

Be prepared for your interview

The interview is an opportunity for the company to meet the person behind the CV and for you to demonstrate that you have the skills and experience that they are expecting. To do this you need to be fully prepared; ensure that you read the person specification and any other supporting materials that they sent you. During your interview you need to be able to expand on the information you provided in your CV and give examples from your work and life experience; this makes your answers personal and allows you to demonstrate your opinion, personality and knowledge of the sector for which you are applying, which is especially important if you are looking at CEO jobs.  Don’t be afraid to be unsure of an answer, but include in your response an indication of how you would go about finding out the information and improving your knowledge in that specific area.

Continue your self-development

If you are not successful on your first attempt ask for detailed feedback on the interview and work on the areas that they highlight as weaknesses.  You may need to improve your interview technique or explore evening classes to bring your skills up to date.

Be persistent

It is rare that you will land your perfect job on your first attempt; do not become dispirited, keep trying. Work through each area of the process again and make changes and improvements. Learn from your feedback and improve your networking skills; talking to people already in your sector of interest can help you to identify areas for improvement and provide you with useful contacts.