Expand your Growing Business with Smart Recruiting

Finding the perfect employee for a position within your company seems like an easy enough task. With the amount of people searching for work at this time, the number of applications that come in for any position is astounding. Yet it is for that very reason that finding the right employee has become hard.

With hundreds of applicants applying for the same position, any business owner or HR employee could spend days sifting through the resumes trying to determine the top candidates. If you are like most business people, you simply do not have the time to do this, nor do you want to invest that many man hours.

So business owners must apply specific methods to their hiring process to reduce the amount of time finding the perfect employee.

Tricks Of The Trade

• Online Recruiting Software

Using tools offered through the internet can help you reduce the amount of time spent reviewing resumes. By enacting a program that helps select qualified recruits, you eliminate many man hours that are used reading each and every resume. These programs can also help you fine-tune exactly what you are looking for in a new recruit. And once you know, online recruiting software allows you to simultaneously “post jobs to major boards, your website and social networks,” says smartrecruiters.com. These sites are often offered free of charge, and not only allow you to post open positions, but help you manage qualified applicants and gain insight into the “right hire.”

• Promote From Within

Sometimes it is much easier, and better for the company, to promote from within and hire someone for the lower position. Not only does this boost company moral, it also causes a sense of commitment to the company from the promoted individual. You will reduce time in training, and you can easily hire for the entry level position.

• Background Checks

Before you bring in a candidate for an interview, conduct a background check. Depending on the position, you may wish to check for criminal activity or financial problems. By doing this prior to interviewing, you can eliminate some candidates and save on time.

• Fine Tune Your Ads

There are two things that you can do in an advertisement that will help reduce the amount of applicants you will consider for the position. The first is to be very specific about the qualifications. Do not use any broad or generalized terms in the advertisement. This will eliminate many people from applying if they only have “similar” qualifications.

The second thing you can do is place specific directions in the advertisement on how to apply for the job. For instance, require that everyone mail in their resume in a white number 10 envelope. While this may seem silly, you can eliminate any and all applicants that fail to follow this simple direction. You do not want to hire someone that cannot follow directions. There are plenty of online templates and tools to guide your listings as well.

• Limit Postings

Do not post your open positions in too many different places at once. If you are going to advertise on a job board, limit it to one or two boards. Think quality of the posting location rather than quantity. If you are running it in a newspaper, limit it to one paper. Posting on a website? Pick one or two that specialize in your area of business. If you run too many advertisements, you will receive too many applications.

Finding the right employee does not have to be difficult. You just need to follow a few simple steps and take advantage of some of the modern business resources available, and you can reduce the time and effort needed to fill your empty positions. Good employees can make a huge impact on the success of your business.

Freelance author, artist, and promoter, Molly Pearce, is always looking to gain and share advice on how entrepreneurs can successfully grow and expand their ventures. The online recruiting software at smartrecruiters.com provides businesses with comprehensive listing and listing management services that are free of charge to users. Membership also provides business owners with a platform to share profiles among team members, schedule interviews, and obtain feedback.