What to Look for in a Web Hosting Plan

The Internet wasn’t always as huge of a deal as it currently is, but with its immense popularity and ease of access, it has become a part of everyday life. This means that new business owners, or anyone else who needs exposure, need their own little slice of the Web. This is accomplished by developing a website, but these sites must then be hosted on web servers. One of the most important decisions any individual will ever make is which hosting plan to go with, so there are numerous things that one should consider before making a commitment.

Any business owner or entrepreneur is likely to come across hundreds, and even thousands, of web hosting companies during their search for a home on the Internet. With this being the case, it’s important to check several factors related to each host:

1. Storage Space

The amount of storage space a server provides will literally decide how much information a website can have on it. The storage space will decide how many videos, blogs and data in general a website will be able to hold. It’s important for a business owner to get enough storage space to meet their specific needs.

2. Actual End Costs

Price is another important factor, but it should never be the only consideration. A subpar provider shouldn’t be chosen simply because it’s cheaper. Free hosting sites, for instance, are as low of a price as a person can get, but the below average services usually make the cost savings meaningless.

3. Performance Reliability

A web hosting company that provides exuberant storage space at a low price isn’t really a good deal if it’s not reliable. Reliability is judged amongst web hosts by the “uptime” of their servers. If a server goes down, it takes all of the websites on it down with it, so finding a host with the highest uptime percentage is vital.

4. Customer Support

It’s hard to stress the importance of customer support. A person who uses a web hosting company is entrusting a part of their business with another company. It’s imperative to check out customer reviews online for any web hosting provider when investigating the best option.

Types of Hosting Services to Consider

There are several types of web hosting services for a person to consider. Free hosting companies provide server space without any charge. The additional perks, however, are nearly non-existent. Customer service is limited, features are scarce and there are usually even intrusive ads featured on a person’s site.

A) Reseller and Shared Hosting

Both of these services have a bit in common, and are usually better than any free hosting site. Reseller servers are those that were provided to a reseller from an actual hosting company. This reseller then sells blocks of space on their server to third parties. Shared hosting services also put numerous websites onto the same server, but this is done by the hosting company itself. Unfortunately, both of these options put every website on the server at risk if even one website is compromised. In addition, these servers are often limited in storage space and bandwidth.

B) Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers

Virtual private servers (VPS) and dedicated servers also share a few features. They both keep a website on its own server, but VPS services are actually, as their name implies, “virtual.” Just like shared servers, VPS services are on a shared machine. Unlike shared servers, however, VPS runs software that basically creates a separate “machine” within the machine. This means that even though a website may be hosted on the same physical machine as another, there is no way that either of the sites will affect the other.

Dedicated servers, on the other hand, host a website on a dedicated machine. According to www.ukwebhost.co.uk, “Large enterprises often opt for dedicated servers to host their websites right off the bat, simply because they expect rapid growth or because they know their complex websites need far more than a shared hosting environment can handle.” A dedicated server provides the same benefits of VPS services, but it definitely costs a bit more. Virtual private servers and dedicated servers are similar in the overwhelming majority of ways; the major difference is that one dedicated machine is virtual and the other is not.

In the end, the web hosting service that a person chooses should help them reach their own specific goals. Since each company will have different needs, however, the final choice in a hosting service may be different from one individual to the next. The important thing is to make an informed decision, and as long as a business owner considers all of the aforementioned factors, they’re likely to do just that.

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