How to make a Claim for Medical Misdiagnosis

When we are ill or feel weak we go to visit our GP. We trust doctors and we always expect to receive an appropriate diagnosis. Although the severe cost-cutting measures, NHS is one of the greatest health care system in the world, but sometimes things go wrong. Newspapers often report sad stories of misdiagnosis due to system failures as well as less experienced staff.

We have three types of medical misdiagnosis:

  • When the patient’s illness is undiagnosed over a period of time.
  • When the patient has a late diagnosis which can badly affect recovery time.
  • When the patient receives a wrong or inaccurate diagnosis.

Medical negligence can be extremely harmful for the patient and those around him. In 2004, a woman from Staffordshire (UK) was diagnosed with stomach cancer, hence the medical staff promptly removed the organ. Only after the operation the medics found out the tumour was benign and the removal was not necessary. The woman sought legal advice and eventually received a big out of court settlement from NHS.

Why do we need legal advice?

Dealing with a misdiagnosis can be a very harmful experience. Most of the times victims do not need just a lawyer, but professional support and care from medical misdiagnosis experts. Also, specific deadlines apply for different cases and working out the time limits is not an easy matter. Timing is critical to the success of the claim, that’s why a misdiagnosis specialist law firm should be contacted as soon as the medical negligence becomes evident.

Are you concerned about legal advice costs? You do not need to worry, most of the law firms apply a no win no fee agreement.

Have you been misdiagnosed? Do not hesitate to send a claim enquiry. Pursuing misdiagnosis compensation through medical negligence experts is critical as the outcome of your experience can lead to an improvement in medical standards and eventually save lives.

Guest Author Contribution:
Adriano D’Ambrosio is a Marketing Assistant at ASONS Solicitors, a leading law firm based in Bolton, England. ASONS specialise in Personal Injury cases arising as a result of medical misdiagnosis, industrial disease, road traffic accidents, employment and public liability claims.