How To Increase Productivity Within The Workforce?

Gone are the days when financial exchange for your services at the end of the week prove sufficient enough for both the employee and employer. Both parties now require ‘more’. In a period where austerity measure lie over organisations head like the sword of Damascus it’s perfectly understandable for them to want more from their staff in terms of productivity and output. How can organisations do this without merely resorting to monetary rewards?

More Than Just An Office

You want your workers to feel comfortable where they work. Abraham Maslow’s 1943 thesis depicted that an individuals needs can be broken down in to five hierarchical stages, the base of which is made up by physiological and safety needs. This basically suggests that in order for humans to function to their highest ability they need to feel warm, secure, free of fear and stable in both their personal and professional lives. Look at your office, are your workers crammed in like sardines with insufficient heating and visual stimulus surrounding them? If the answer is yes, you can more than likely be sure that productivity levels are not as high as they could. It may be time for some seasonal feng shui sessions to take place.

No, No To Micromanagement

Large teams of employees need to be managed in order to be sure everyone is singing from the same hymn sheet. On a more individual level employees need to be trusted and encouraged to make their own decisions free from a managers prying eye. It can be a natural instinct for us to want to see what another member of the team is getting up to, you may see it as routine, they on the other hand may view it as they are not competent or adequate enough to fulfil their role without interference.

Is ‘This’ Achievable?

What can unrealistic targets lead to? Absenteeism, stress, a demotivated workforce and loss of revenue. Your employees are the lifeblood of the organisations and without them your organisation will become a stagnant machine not fit for purpose. All this can be avoided though with realistic targets. If realistic targets are put in place and easily achievable then and only then can you begin to analyse your targets and look at increasing them.

Investment Within People

As stated before, employees are what keep an organisation together. With this in mind, why would you not invest time and money in developing them whilst at the same time developing your organisation. From soft skills training to more target based training is available for all organisations to access. What will be the end results for your organisation if you invest in existing staff? Rise in employee retention, increase in motivation, increased productivity and greater revenue potential to name just a few.

If these ways of working are instilled within your organisation you can guarantee that employees will want to work for you and the company, ensuring that they go the extra mile in order to take your business to the next level.

Ashley Hunt is a performance management officer working with SME’s in order to increase retention rates and employee motivation.