Tips On Holding A Succesful Conference

Nothing builds customer loyalty like holding a successful conference; however there’s a lot of work and expense involved in the process of creating the event so here are the top tips on holding a successful customer conference to earn a greater payoff.

Set Your Targets and Goals

Even though you’re all looking for information on how to hold a successful customer conference, all your goals will be different depending on the age and success of your business. A younger or start up company should be less concerned with profits at this point, instead looking to gain a following and a customer base, seeking loyalty in their target audience while a more developed company can focus on their present and growing market as well as profits and sales.

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Don’t Oversell Yourself

Before we even get to the pointers on holding the big event, one thing should be clear from the get go. While, obviously, the entire point of your business is to grow your customer base and ultimately make sales and a profit, your customer conference is not the place to oversell yourself and unashamedly try and drive attendees to purchase your products. Keep your conference informative but not sales pitchy.

Find the Perfect Venue

Location plays an important factor in your customer conference as customers and would-be customers need to be well looked after not only in an appropriate venue but the location needs to be easily accessible to clients outside of the city. Choose a location in a major city, close to an airport and easy to get to and find. A Conference Centre in Sydney for example is a perfect fit. Location is not the only important factor when deciding on the venue; you’ll also need to factor in the services, food, staff capabilities, seating, space etc.

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Don’t Forget Expenses

Before the big event you’ll need to factor in all your expenses and figure out the best form of coming up with the money. If you’re hosting your conference at a ritzy or expensive function centre in Sydney then you may consider charging customers to attend but keep in mind you’ll be asking them to come up with extra money in addition to their room expenses, travel etc. If you do decide to charge your guests make sure you let them know well in advance.

The Big Event

As mentioned a successful customer conference needs to be informative rather than a sales pitch. The most valuable take-away for many attendees will be the networking that comes along with it so make sure you have enough time set aside to allow participants to introduce themselves and mingle. Alternatively you can also set aside a specific time to allow for networking, advertise an early bird reception for participants to take advantage of with drinks and nibbles as well as making sure all guest speakers, key note speakers, lecturers etc. attend.

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Get as Much Feedback as Possible

As part of your conference make sure to get as much feedback as possible from the audience by face to face interaction upon reception. It’s also a good idea to hand out short surveys after the event and by having a guest book for participants to leave their views in. Knowing what keeps attendees happy will only lead to even more successful customer conferences in the future.

Kirsten Tanner is a freelance writer for the Sydney Masonic Centre. Kirsten often provide useful tips on holding a succesful conference.