5 Innovative and Modern Marketing Techniques for 2013

2012 is now confined to history and we’re moving full-speed into 2013 with many businesses and industries considering how they’re going to expand and grow in the coming twelve months. While many will be thinking “we’ll just get to the end of the tax year and think about it then”, others are stealing a march on their rivals and getting their name out there with new and innovative marketing strategies designed to set them apart from a congested market.

As any business owner will know, when you have a number of other business offering similar goods and services to yourselves it can be difficult to make yours easily distinguishable and encouraging customers to put their faith – and cash – into you and your business over the rest. In many cases it is the marketing campaign that proves to be the deciding factor making an instantaneous impression (either positively or negatively) on the people with the access to the bank balance.

But having been around for a number of years you’ve probably attempted a variety of different marketing strategies and you could be left scratching your head as to how to get to the next level. To help you on your way, here are five of the most modern strategies that could either transform the successes of your company or at least put you on the road.

Social Networking

In the past ten years, social media has come from nowhere, captured the imagination of the global audience and kept them glued at all times with tweets, status updates and likes coming at all hours of the day. People seem to be favouring communication with their friends on social networks and sharing their activities to actually meeting them in person, and for that reason more and more companies are investing in social campaigns to promote their brand, interact with their audience and reach people they might never have been able to attract in the past.


Similarly companies are becoming increasingly focused on their online visibility. Nowadays people are more likely to search for goods online than go down to the high street in search of what they need. For that reason it’s key to get your name “out there” and in the prominent positions in the search results for the “key” terms and phrases. For example, if you’re selling real wood furniture, you want to be appearing in the first few results for terms like “wood furniture” or “oak chairs” and SEO – search engine optimisation – can help you to achieve this. Specialist agencies can work on the composition of your site and work on link building and producing high quality content and links that can turn you into an industry leader in a matter of months, if you have the budget and patience of course.

Conference Talks

Attending a conference is a great way to be seen and to promote your company. The people there are going to hear about some of the latest products, services and techniques in industries that are relevant to them and from industry leaders. If you can stand in front of a crowd and present to them the strategies that you use to make money, increase sales and attract customers then they’re likely to promote what you say socially. Plus, anyone looking to find out about a certain industry will see you as an authoritative figure and is therefore more likely to work with you in the future.

Car Stickers

It’s a bit of a novelty technique this one, but getting your brand or service seen by as many people as possible is the only way to grow. After all – if you’re not reaching a market, you’re not marketing successfully! Car stickers from companies like Harris Screen Print can come in a variety of eye-catching designs so that passing traffic – either on the road in queuing traffic or on the pavement as they walk by your parked car – can see your name and wonder what you might have to offer. Alternatively, they might think “I’ve been looking for a company that sells that product for ages” and you get business from it.

Trade Shows and Exhibitions

Sponsoring trade shows can be another great way of promoting your brand to similar people and businesses. When you hear about the “Stationary Show 2013” for example, you’re likely to get plenty of people attending or interested; but hearing bout the “Peterborough Printing Co Stationary Show 2013”, they’ll all be talking about your brand, so if it’s a success – you will be too!