Everyday Rugged Handheld Computers in Business

Rugged computers are especially designed for use in harsh and unpredictable conditions in business. They are built to withstand a range of temperatures as well as the extremes. Often rugged computers are used in the military for a number of different uses as they can withstand extreme vibrations and are tough enough to work well when rigorously manhandled. However, rugged handheld computers happen to also be used in everyday activities in a range of careers. From postmen to archaeologists, the uses of a rugged computer can be numerous. Below are some details on where you may see a rugged handheld computer in everyday use.

Post and Deliveries.

It used to be that when you went to sign for a parcel, you had to sign a piece of paper on a clip board. This would cause an unimaginable amount of paper work and space to be taken up by all the signed for forms. Nowadays, to sign for a parcel you just electronically sign on a rugged handheld computer. This electrical way of signing for your goods makes sure that the postman has proof that the parcel arrived safely and that they have an electronic copy of your signature in their database, as well as post address and time it was delivered in case there is an inquiry into it at a later date.

The Cold Chain.

In food distribution in the cold chain, rugged handheld computers are used to help with the distribution of chilled food and meats for businesses such as supermarkets and restaurants. The chain itself can consist of the factory the produce is created at, the distribution centre and the refrigerators in the catering businesses themselves. This also includes all the lorries and trucks in-between which transport the products to the different stops throughout the chain. At each of these parts of the chain the produce needs to be kept in a controlled climate environment otherwise the produce with spoil. Rugged handheld computers are perfect for these conditions, they can tell the driver which pallets need to be delivered at each stop, can withstand cool temperatures and survive rough manhandling by workers wearing big thick gloves.

In Field Work.

Field work careers such as archaeologists, geologists and surveyors rely on using modern rugged handheld computers such as geographic information systems (GIS) to study the landscape. This system allows the user to understand the field by analysing the area and communicating it a useful readable data. You can get some types of rugged handheld computer designed to read out a digital impression of what lays beneath the ground showing areas of high density and where the remains of an ancient civilisation’s building may lie. It can be useful for surveyors surveying the field to decide whether or not a building may be built there. They need to know such information as how low they can dig, if there are any pipes or wires in the ground which a building may interfere with and whether or not the ground is sound enough to support a structure. With rugged computers all of this information can be stored into the memory so that a decision can finally be made by the surveyor.