How Load Cells can be used by Different Industries for Safety

Safety should always come first, no matter what you do or where you go. Naturally, anyone would want to avoid accidents from happening. Everybody should look for ways to avoid any incident that could lead to injuries or fatalities.

Thanks to technology, tools in various guises are produced to assure safety; one of these tools is a load cell. According to the dictionaries, a load cell is a weight measurement device necessary for electronic scales that display weight in digits. It is a transducer that converts force into electronic signals that can measure the capacity of a certain load through a strain gauge. The strain gauge measures the deformation as an electrical signal because the strain changes the effective electrical resistance of the wire. In layman’s terms, load cells are like weighing scales for bigger and heavier loads such as cargo shipments, vehicles and the like. Load cells for measurement can be a real help in various industries, by assuring safety, as load cells are used for testing the capacities of load that a certain tool can manage.

Here are a few types of business where this device can provide help with regards of safety:


Construction plays a vital role in our lives, as without construction workers and industries we wouldn’t have malls, offices, houses, etc. With construction comes the utilisation of cranes, pulleys and other tools that are used to assist manpower in getting the job done. It is vital that these tools should be accurately tested to assure optimum safety. The load testing procedure is a necessary requirement that will help to avoid such turmoil as was experienced on May 27 in Russia, where a construction crane toppled over and tore through several floors of a nine-storey building (watch the video at

Tension load cells convert tension to electrical signals and can determine the effectiveness of a stable tension; this can be used in cranes in order to measure how much weight it can carry. Considering that a building may be 30 storeys high, the safe use of cranes and pulleys is paramount to assure the safety of not only the workers, but also the passers-by.


Overloading a vehicle can present many hazards, as it becomes more difficult to drive and control. It also increases the distance required for stopping. In cases of serious overloading, brakes can fail completely and Use of load cellssuspension systems can cause spring or shock absorber failure, irregular tyre wear and tyre failure. In fact, last May 30, a teenager died in Brisbane, Australia, due to overloading a car with six people. This together with the excessive speeds of the vehicle made it impossible to maintain control, which ultimately resulted in the tragedy.

It is vital that all vehicles are properly tested to determine the weight load, together with the number of passengers that it can safely manage. This can be achieved by the utilisation of load cells as these devices determine an accurate result. With testing vehicles through load cells, the safety of the passengers can be assured.


For cargo vehicles, it is obvious that the load or cargo should be measured to ensure that it does not exceed the vehicles weight restrictions. If a vehicle’s load goes beyond its capacity, it would surely lead to shipwrecks or other related accidents such as an accident on the North Wales coast in November 2011, where an old cargo ship overloaded with 3,000 tons of limestone sunk and killed six crew members.

Science and Technology

In laboratory experiments and tests, it is vital that the exact and proper amount of substances included in tests and certain mixtures are regulated. The results are then assured of accuracy, which can actively lead to greater innovations. The safety of workers should not be overlooked and load cells can actively assure production as well as safety.

An accurate method of measurement does not only assure product quality and productivity, but it also ensures the safety of workers.

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