Mobile Devices Pose Threat to Information Security

Many recent reports have suggested that businesses are not concerned about data security as much as they should be which could pose huge threats to the company, especially if important data is leaked. Businesses use email to send important business documents, contracts or even financial information so it’s imperative that companies work hard to ensure their data is secure.

There have been several high-profile data breaches over the last couple of months, and the companies at the centre of these leaks have found themselves either facing huge fines or receiving very bad publicity.

The article in question suggested that instead of ensuring that their data is as secure as it can be, businesses are more concerned with hitting their sales targets, despite the potentially damaging results.

Senior managers in large businesses have been advised to carry out risk assessments so that they can understand exactly how employees are accessing private data. The key to ensuring that their data is secure is by ensuring that they work closely with their IT department.

The rise in usage of mobile devices and hectic work schedules has meant that more people than ever before are working from home and whilst on-the-go. The daily commute is ideal for many city workers to check their emails and the advances in technology mean that it’s really convenient to access data and perform tasks on mobile devices. However, these devices are a prime target for hackers looking to gain access to private data. Image if an employee lost their mobile device too, then secure data could easily get into the hands of the wrong person!

There are many companies that offer information security solutions to suit a range of business needs. It seems as though now is the time that many businesses are starting to think seriously about their ‘online security’.